power outage Solutions

Don't miss out on:

 News; Your favourate TV program; Be able to still browes internet and email.

 The  Power Box can run this type of  equipment for up to 8* Hours:

1 x Laptop

1 x TV

1 X DSTV Decoder

1 x Hi Fi

1 x Modum

Charge your Tablet, Laptop and cell phones

10 x LED 10W Lights

With the above connected you system will run for at leasr 8 Hours


Plug and play-No electrician required

No Generater needed.

No Petrol needed.

No equipment failure.

Unit indicates how much power loaded.

Unit will not allow overloading.


With the Power Box- You and your equipment wont know that there is Load Shedding

For Just R12 477.00 Vat and delivery included you can avoid the hassle of power outages and equipment damage.

There are currently 2500 units installed in SA to power up ATM machines.

Manufactures in SA-spares readily availible.

Warranty 3 years on equipment and 1 year on batteries.

 * Depending on size of TV etc.

Rent to own facilities offered for businesses R470.00 per month over 36 months.

Does your 2 Hr Power outage cost you more than R470.00 ?

Phone Mike 0825650464

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Power Outage solutions.


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